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Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy 

With over six years of experience working with children, I am well-versed in the art of play therapy. My expertise lies in utilizing therapeutic play techniques such as sand, play-doh, clay, puppets, and role-play to help children process complex emotions seamlessly. Through my practice, children can process their emotions without being consciously aware of it, leaving them feeling much more relaxed and at ease.

With my extensive experience working with children ranging from 4-year-olds to adolescents, I have learned that creating a safe environment for them is absolutely crucial. I always encourage role-playing and playtime, which is why I provide younger children with teddy bears and puppets to stimulate their imagination.

​During play therapy, each child will be provided with a personalized box that they can decorate to their liking. Any creations made during the sessions will be stored in the box and given to the child to take home.


In order to provide a feeling of safety for older kids and teenagers, I provide a variety of items like fidget toys, slime, clay, and other stimulants.

How can I engage your child?

With my background as a social worker, I know how crucial it is to establish a secure emotional space for children to communicate their emotions. Building a bond with a child requires patience and effort. My priority is to make sure that your child feels secure and at ease before and during our sessions by:

Sending you questionnaires

Prioritizing your child's interests is crucial. During the initial session, I will integrate subjects that align with their passions and which were identified in the questionnaire.

Being patient

Being patient with children who may not be able to express their emotions verbally at first is extremely important. crucial.


30 minute taster session

Your child can try a 30-minute therapy session at their own pace, without any obligation to continue. This trial session is free of charge!


​My expertise lies in working with children, and I possess extensive experience in various areas, such as trauma, anxiety, depression, self harm, bullying, neglect, ADHD, domestic violence, loss, body dysmorphia, gender dysmorphia, and children who are adopted or in care. I am confident in my ability to provide the necessary guidance and support to help children establish routines and boundaries while ensuring their safety.


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