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I am excited to offer a free 30-minute session to anyone interested in the services.


As a highly skilled play therapist, I confidently provide a wide range of therapeutic play options for children at a rate of £75 per hourly session. With my expertise, your child can creatively express themselves and take home their unique creations after every session.


For individual therapy, you can visit my therapy room, located on the outskirts of Blackpool, or opt for online sessions via Zoom for £55 per hourly session.

I offer therapy sessions for families in a spacious room that can comfortably accommodate all of you. The cost is £75 per hourly session. Additionally, I provide couples therapy at a rate of £65 per hourly session.


If you are a student, senior citizen, or experiencing financial difficulties, I offer a special rate of £50 per hourly session.


If it is not feasible to communicate in person or via video/telephone, I offer affordable live chat therapy sessions for only £35 per hour.

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