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All testimonials have been taken from my BetterHelp profile. To access these testimonials, please click on the following link:

Written on Jun 11, 2023 after therapy  for 1 month:

“I just had one video call with Sian before I got a therapy spot in my living are and changed there. I loved talking with Sian - she was asking good questions to get to the core of my issues. She was also always checking in on me".

Written on Nov 10, 2023 after therapy with Sian for 2 weeks

Sian has been an incredible help to me, her communication is so gentle and patient
I feel safe discussing my biggest shames and insecurities wich I never have with many other therapists

Written on Sep 14, 2023 after therapy with Sian for 2 weeks 

Sian Dyer is an extraordinary listener and provides a lot of options for communication. In my case she provided a much necessary helping hand that could relate to my issues and feelings without being judgmental. She truly cares about helping and this made me feel mor at ease. The advice and support she gives is really good and helpful. I highly recommend her.

Written on Nov 27, 2023 after therapy with Sian for 2 weeks 

Sian is supportive in my struggles and listens with helpful unbiased advice. She is quick to get back to me and I trust her.

Written on Feb 26, 2024 after therapy with Sian for 2 months

Sian is a wonderful person who really seems to understand me. She challenges me gently when she notices I may be catering to a bad habit we've discovered, but never makes me feel guilty about it. When I need a clear head to weigh in on a problem I'm stuck on, she's right there to give a professional outside view. It didn't take long for her to learn what coping mechanisms I cling to that may actually be unhealthy for me. When I start to shrink back into these ways, she reminds me of the bigger picture and why I've decided I'm leaving those old ways behind. It does take repetition with me, and she's been so patient with me from day one.

Written on Mar 28, 2023 after therapy for 2 weeks: 

“We haven’t had a lot of time yet, but I’ve already noticed that she’s picking up on what kind of advice I respond well to. There are some things that I’m a bit stubborn about, and I think she’s already adjusting how she words things so that they’re easier for me to accept and process."

Written on Nov 10, 2023 after therapy with Sian for 2 weeks 

Sian really listens and gives advice. I’ve found other therapists dismissive and find them constantly giving exercises that don’t help. Sian is the first therapist I’ve wanted to stick with and move forward with. Highly recommend

Written on Jul 30, 2023 after therapy for 4 months

"Sian is understanding and helps me to understand my feelings. She gives me tools I can use in the future. She helps me link past traumas/events together, so I can understand why smaller events are so triggering.
She goes deeper than any other counsellor/therapist I’ve had (& there’s been a few!), so I actually feel like we’re getting somewhere and doing some positive rebuilding.
Thank you Sian!"


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